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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the St Agnes Estate, Freedom Village?

The St Agnes Estate is a fully gated community for people looking to downsize their homes and/or garden. 

What does 'No Life Lease' mean?

With the majority of 'Retirement' and 'Lifestyle' Villages,  you sign what is called a 'life lease' which gives you the right to occupy the premises without actually owning the bricks and mortar.  At the St Agnes Estate, Freedom Village, you are buying your new home which is owned by you.  If you decide to move, you are able to sell your home as normal and the proceeds are yours.  NOW THAT'S FREEDOM!

What is a Community Title?

The boundaries for each lot in a community scheme are defined by surveyed land measurements. They are unlimited in height and depth unless otherwise specified. The owner of each lot is responsible for the maintenance and insurance of any building on their lot. They have no obligations for the maintenance or upkeep of any of the homes owned by other residents. The community corporation is responsible for insuring any buildings or structures in common areas.

The community corporation.  Each community title, regardless of its type, must have a community corporation that must meet at least once a year. This is the legal body responsible for the administration of any by-laws and the maintenance of any common areas - eg a shared driveway.

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Do I get to pick my own internal colours, tiles, taps etc?

Yes you get to make your home your own.  

What is the Stamp Duty benefit of buying 'off the plan'?

As you will be signing a land contact and then a Rossdale Homes building contract, the stamp duty payable is calculated on the land value alone (unless the home is already under construction), rather than the total house and land value.

For Example: Home value of $470,000 (Land value of $239,000) = Stamp duty payable would be $8,487.50 - That's a saving of $11,342.50   See for your stamp duty calculator


What deposit am I required to pay and by when?

A deposit of $5,000 (five thousand dollars) is required 2 business days after the land contract has been executed and an additional $5,000 is required 5 days after signing your Rossdale Homes building contract.  

What can my land contract be 'Subject to'?

We can do your land contract subject to finance or subject to the sale of your home.  In the event that your home does not sell your land deposit is refunded or if you have chosen to obtain finance and you have applied for it and the Bank has declined your application,  your land deposit is refunded in full.

What are progress payments and how does it work?

Your progress payments are made in line with the Housing Industry Association standard schedule.

ie. 1st claim after footings poured is 20% of the building value, 2nd claim of 20% is made after substantial completion of wall and roof frame etc.  We do offer other payment options, if you are interested in these, please ask Joanne for the details.

What is a Gated Community?

The Estate will be fitted with remote controlled gates at the entry of the Estate along with video intercoms connected to each home.  This will enable you to know who is entering the Estate.

What are the common areas?

The common areas are such things as the roadways, landscaped areas outside the depicted fence line of each home, entry gates, Estate lighting.  Landscaping within the common areas will be of low water usage.

Can I have pets?

Yes, the St Agnes Estate is a pet friendly Estate.

What type of fencing will be between neighbours?

All internal fencing will be constructed of 'colourbond good neighbour' style of fencing to a height of 1.8m (6ft)

Will there be access to the Creek/Reserve?

Direct access to the reserve and creek will be via a secure gate to the side of House 24.

Will I have separate utilities accounts?

Each home has their own Gas, Electricity and Water meter.  There is also an additional meter for the common property which will monitor usage of water, gas or electricity for any common property items ie. electric gates, bollard lighting etc.

Will the creek/reserve to the rear of the Estate be ours to maintain?

No. This has been gifted to Council and placed on their maintenance schedule. There is access to the Angove Park Estate through a locked gate within the development.